Sunday, July 20, 2014

I heard that you are traveling somewhere...

Since my blog is about introverting, it should be interesting to share ideas about being somewhere else in the wood. It will probably requires my to travel by an airplane to more tree hugging countries with wonderful outdoors.

But it was an intense reality check when I knew how many air flights operation per day in the world. I actually found out that at least 49.31K flights per day. Imagine annually.

WOOOOOOOOW... Just WOW! Big salute to the Aerospace Business!


Rather be somewhere else..

Can't I just be here introverting somewhere away from the civilization?

Maybe cuddling too mix with some tenderness? :)

Ya Allah! put me in this place and let everyone to leave me alone! With internet connection of course.

But Mashallah! it's worth it to be around these places.. I would really rather be at these woods.